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What Causes Headache and Nausea during Pregnancy

What Causes Headache and Nausea during Pregnancy – Know the Risks and Possible Ways of Curbing Them

Nearly all pregnant women suffer from different kinds of sicknesses and headache troubles during their pregnancy period. Such things are considered to be common, especially during the first three months of pregnancy. The pity is to counter these kinds of sicknesses, the number of effective medications are not adequate. The medicines, which one can consume usually for headache and nausea in normal times, will not prove to be effective during pregnancy.  The reason is nothing but the harmful side effects of these medicines. Pain killers, or other headache healing medicines can lead to fatal results, like miscarriages, birth defects, delivery problems, etc. Thus, one has to be careful with the treatments of headaches during pregnancy.
It is always better to know about the different reasons behind common sickness or nausea and headache during pregnancy. Knowing the root causes will help to find effective medications to prevent or heal such situations. If headache and nausea are quite frequent and intense during your pregnancy, then there are enough reasons to be concerned. Due to such sicknesses, major health problems can appear and as a result, not only the mother, but baby will also be affected.

What Causes Morning Sickness or Nausea and Headache?

It is difficult to conclude exact causes behind headache and nausea during pregnancy without thorough inspections or checkups. Sometimes even it is quite difficult to judge the real problem or core problem by analyzing the symptoms and in that case several tests have been prescribed by the doctors. Some of the common tests include the urine test, blood test, etc. Mainly sugar level in blood, patient’s immunity level, blood pressure and a few other major parameters have been tested minutely in the laboratory. Based on the results of the tests, doctors conclude the root causes behind the sicknesses and provide effective medicines are healing. Hence, if sickness happens, the primary task is nothing but consulting a good physician.
Though, different causes are there behind headache and nausea during pregnancy, some common factors has also been noted. Mainly, it is assumed by the experts and researchers that such physical troubles during pregnancy are generally caused by hormonal activities. During the pregnancy hormonal activities increase in your body and most of the hormones reach the cerebral area with specific commands for tasks that our brain has to perform. Due to the increased hormonal activities, blood pressure level increases in our body. This enhanced blood pressure level causes different kinds of headache experiences, including migraine, sinus, etc. Apart from these major types of headaches, mild headache and nausea are often experienced by the pregnant women. The sugar level in blood is also an important factor. If sugar level increases then such headache or nausea problems can get frequent and highly intensive.

What Should Be Done to Curb Risks of Morning Sickness during Pregnancy?

When it comes to orthodox allopathic treatments, medicines have to be chosen with high care. Wrong medicines, even overdose of medicines, can cause harmful results. For controlling nausea or morning sickness during pregnancy, Diclegis has been often suggested by the doctors these days. This is one of the newest medicines, which have been approved by FDA. This medicine is considered to be safe for the pregnant women and the effectiveness of Diclegis is also worth to be appreciated. It heals the uneasy feeling, vomiting tendencies and mild headaches in a whisker of time. However, one must be careful with the dosages of this drug. Maintain proper dosages, as suggested by your doctor to avoid any sorts of risks.
Apart from using Diclegis, some natural treatments are there to treat or prevent headache and nausea during pregnancy. Here are some of the tips and tricks to surpass such physical troubles during your pregnancy:
·         Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy Diet: Prevention comes first than cure and that is why to prevent morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy, opt for healthy diets. For pregnant women, specific diets have been suggested by the experts. Follow the diet chart religiously and let your body to be enriched with vitamins and minerals. This will keep your immunity level high and your body will be able to surpass intensified sicknesses during pregnancy.
·         Lack of fluids in the body causes a lot of damage during pregnancy. One of the main reasons behind headache and nausea during pregnancy is dehydration. So keep your body hydrated and drink ample of water.
·         When headache or nausea strikes, prefer bed rest. It is always better if you can sleep as a sound sleep can heal these sorts of troubles.
·         Do not consume alcohol during pregnancy. It is not just harmful for your baby, but also a triggering factor for headacheand nausea during pregnancy. Same goes for smoking – quit smoking during pregnancy.

Several protection measures are there for several types of headaches and sicknesses during pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, in case of any kinds of troubles, the first and foremost job is to consult a doctor or an expert.

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