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Headache behind Eye during Pregnancy

Headache behind Eye during Pregnancy – Causes and Effective Medications for Headache behind Eye

Eye problem during pregnancy is quite common, just like morning sickness, mild headache attacks, etc. Now, if you are suffering from frequent eye pain or severe eye ache, then it is obvious that you have to look for some sorts of medications. Finding proper medications is important but before that, knowing the root causes of eye pain during pregnancy is equally important. If you know the facts rightly, you will be able to prevent such nuisances during your pregnancy quite meticulously. Headache behind eye can get severe and due to this temporary vision problems and even head swirling experiences may occur. Thus, one has to be really careful if she is suffering from chronic eye pain during pregnancy.

What Causes Headache behind Eyes during Pregnancy?

Behind eye headache can be caused due to several reasons. If you have migraine problems, then it could be one of the reasons for experiencing such pain. However, in many cases, it has been found that after pregnancy, many women get naturally vulnerable to migraine problems. Migraine pain is easy to be distinguished from other normal headaches. In case of migraine, you will experience a painful sensation on a specific side of your head, for example behind the eye. This is why headache behind eye during pregnancy is always primarily suspected as migraine problem. However, apart from migraine, it can be caused due to several other factors, and in the following portion of this, article we shall have a look at those factors:
·         Improper Blood Circulation: Improper blood circulation is the problem that is considered as a reason behind eye pain during pregnancy. This can be caused primarily due to improper postures during sleeping. Both low and high blood circulation are the reasons for headache behind eye.
·         Change of Hormone: During pregnancy, hormonal changes are quite natural things, but these changes leaves a high impact on the body. Mainly due to estrogen hormone changes behind eye headache during pregnancy has been found to happen.
·         Mental Stress: Mental stress is a common reason for headache during pregnancy and due to over-stress, pain behind the eyes can also be experienced. Hypertension, stress and intensive anxieties are the reasons for such painful experiences.
·         Dehydration: Dehydration is a common reason behind different sorts of sicknesses that we often feel during pregnancy. However, dehydration can also specifically cause pain behind eye or headache behind eye.
·         Strain on Eyes: Strain on eyes is a common and obvious reason behind the eye pain during pregnancy. If you want TV for a long time or stay in front of the computer or even if you are reading books for a long time, such pain behind the eyes can naturally take place.
·         Vitamin or Mineral Deficiencies: Due to vitamin or mineral deficiency, headache behind eye can happen, but such chances are rare. If you are facing eye pain during pregnancy due to vitamin or mineral deficiency, then you should experience chronic pain rather than facing pain in the early period of your pregnancy. Thus, pain behind the eye can be measured due to vitamin deficiency by the nature of pain.

Getting Rid of Headache behind Eye during Pregnancy

Headache behind eye during pregnancy can easily be surpassed with effective medications. Generally, it is advised to take some precautions during pregnancy so that headache behind eye does not get severe. However, when the pain becomes severe, doctors do prescribe some medicines that can swiftly provide the much needed relief. As said earlier, precaution is more important than medications, thus we shall have a look on some measures to prevent headache behind eye during pregnancy.
·         Since stress is one of the main reasons behind eye pain during pregnancy, one must learn stress or anxiety management process. Control your anger or mood swing by practicing meditations.
·         Drinking water is the most important thing as it keeps the  body hydrated. Dehydration during pregnancy can cause massive physical disorders, including headaches behind the eyes.
·         Sleep with proper posture otherwise the pain may get severe due to improper blood circulation.
·         To stop strain on the eyes, you should not watch TV for a long time. Take a break, give rest to your eyes and then come back to watch TV. Do the same when you are reading books or working on computers.

Medicines for Pain Relief

To control headache behind eye, different medicine is there. However, during pregnancy, one is not permitted to consume usual drugs as that can enhance the chances of miscarriages. In such cases, one must consult before a doctor to undergo any medications. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is considered to be safe to consume during pregnancy for pain relief. It provides swift relief and at the same time, it does not cause physical damages. Both mother and baby will stay protected even after consuming this drug. However, typically, the drug has to be taken with proper dosages. If the dosages have not been followed perfectly, physical complication may take place. To combat headache behind eye, one can also try homeopathy medications.

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