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Home and Contents Insurance

Benefits of home & contents insurance

Home & contents insurance is a policy covering house contents against accident, damage and theft.    

Safeguard your home:

Home means joy and delight to everyone. Home is a place where people feel secure and safe. To safeguard your precious home, the best thing to do is choosing the perfect kind of insurance policy to protect your home and possessions. Hence, with home & contents insurance policy you can secure your home contents against any kind of damages, or accidents, etc.
Home insurance policy covers costs related with damage or loss to the house you own. Content insurance policy covers losses caused to your possessions. In home content insures the two types of policies are actually merged with one another, since people generally prefer to take home content insurance instead of going with home insurance and content insurance separately.  

Home content insurance

Like said before it helps you insure your home from natural disasters that includes bushfire, storms etc. the policy covers the damaged cost, repairing or replacing cost of your home , the repairing costs includes fixtures, lights and building and fitting damages. The advantage of home & contents insurance is that you can save time as it allows you deal with one claim. The other advantage of home content is you can save lot of money, because when you take two policies it costs you more.

Key benefits of Home content insurance benefits:

-         Helps you safeguard you home
-         Offers you 30%extra cover in case of total loss
-         Temporary accommodation-costs
-         3 months content cover in storage
-         Fusion cover
-         Loss of credit-cards and many more

Optional Benefits:

-         Accidental damage or loss
-         To reduce your premium it increases your excess
-         Covers content-in-storage more than the customary 3 months
-         Valuable insurance
-         Storm damages to fences and gates
People invest lot of money to build their own house; it’s probably their only biggest investment.  Home is the place where you feel secured and also it is the only place you can spend quality time with family. So, it is obvious to feel that it should be protected from any kind of damages. These insurance policies helps you protect your home from any kind of disasters, and help your overcome the problems without you suffering from distress.
There are quite a few insurance companies offers competent quotes and polices.  They offer expedient prices and help you claim insurance for various risks and damages.

Home insurance include:

·       Building Insurance: building insurance covers building structure against storm, firm earthquake and any other natural damages.  Home insurance also covers perimeter walls, garage, any outbuildings, and pool.

Content Insurance:

Content insurance policy covers the possession that you own in your home such as carpets, furniture, lighting, clothing, audio-visual equipment and it also includes shed items if you own them and many more. 
It helps you protect your house and possession at a time, and helps you not to juggle between two claims. It helps you save money, time and most importantly Home & Contents Insurance helps you to come out of the distress in case of any risks happened to your home.

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